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Whistle Ignite provides a focused set of PR consultancy and communications services to tell your story. But as part of the Whistle Group, our sister agencies enable us to provide a full service capability that includes brand, identity and design, marketing & sales promotion and video production.

Our breadth of capability grounded in a diverse team of PR consultants, journalists, researchers and designers, is focused on building growth for our clients. We specialise in bringing a transformation agenda to your business that is both customer-centred and digitally-powered to align investors, founders, management, employees and customers around a shared purpose and vision.

Case Studies

Building Relationships through Communication

Communications & Public Relations.

Words are our currency. Amid change and noise, we help to build simple narratives from complex technologies and reach the audiences you seek to influence, from customers to staff and from investors to partners.

We build communications strategies that are founded on our proprietary LUMINATE© consultancy process that injects purpose into your communications planning; our delivery of these communications strategies is driven by our company bias to action. Whether its content that captivates, social strategies that trend or placing your company’s intellectual capital in opinion-forming media, we never act without committing to an outcome for you and your customers.

Media Relations

We shine a spotlight on your story through presence in opinion-forming and customer-facing media.


Social Media

What distinguishes Whistle’s digital communications is our multi-disciplinary approach that delivers purposeful outcomes from social media.


Content Creation

Today’s audiences expect to be served seamlessly in words, sound and pictures, so we have built the production machinery to turn your narratives into rich and compelling content.


Stakeholder Communications

We’re firm believers at Whistle that external advocacy must marry up with internal communications among staff, business partners and investors. We provide a comprehensive suite of stakeholder communications…


Investor Relations

We manage Investor Relations for our clients so they can focus on their core business responsibilities without untoward distraction. We adopt a number of different communications protocols dependant on the size and…


Reputation & ESG

More than ever before, business must operate consistently with the values and expectations of the society it serves. We help our clients to develop positive corporate reputation in a fashion that is consistent with prevailing…


Internal Communications

With the dislocation of staff from the workplace, internal communications has never been a higher priority to maintain organisational cohesion, culture and retention.


Building relationships

Words are our currency. Amid change and noise, we help to build simple narratives from complex technologies and reach the audiences you seek to influence, from customers to staff and from investors to partners. Our media relationships and story-telling know-how build the bridges between your business and the people you serve.

Defining your differences

With the ever-increasing cadence of change, keeping your business aligned with the needs of your customers is a challenge. We help our clients to build customer centricity in all their communications and develop an authoritative thought-leadership voice in key areas of technological enquiry.

Finding customers and markets

Whistle’s marketing services are explicitly business-focused to help all stages of revenue development from go-to-market to launching new products and services. And for pre-profit companies, our investor relations services help to condition developing businesses for their next funding round.

Building identity

Visual identity is one of the most resonate and powerful expressions of your organisation. Our commended design studio delivers identity and branding solutions for organisations from start-ups to listed businesses who are addressing both highly competitive consumer markets as well as achieving cut through in enterprise and B2B sectors.