Building purposeful channels to customers

Tokamak Energy


Service: Web development

Industry: Clean Energy & Novel Fuels – Fusion



Tokamak Energy is striving to harness the potential of fusion power to deliver an abundant, safe and cost-effective source of clean energy to the world. But fusion power is a technical subject to visualise and communicate. The company needed a new website that would position it as a credible, global leader in the development of fusion power and effectively tell its story to potential investors and other website visitors.



After consulting with the client to agree a suitable website structure and visitor journey, Whistle wireframed, designed and wrote all the content for the new Tokamak Energy website. We also commissioned a specialist technology photographer and created a library of stunning 3D renders to visualise Tokamak Energy’s development journey with its spherical tokamak fusion energy device.


“We were immediately impressed by Whistle's experience, approach and enthusiasm for delivering our website project and they've been great to work with from day one. They have been diligent in developing a website solution that meets our exact requirements from a design and technical standpoint, and they have also shown a real willingness and determination to learn the complexities of fusion energy to deliver content that is succinct and accurate.”
Dr. Ross Morgan
Tokamak Energy Commercial Director