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Until recently, the race to ZEV – or zero-emissions vehicles – had been dominated by battery electric technologies. The rapid adoption of this first mover technology has had the effect of usurping other cleantech solutions from due investment consideration. As leaders in proprietary hydrogen technologies for road, air and sea, Viritech asked Whistle to help state the case for hydrogen mobility ahead of a mission-critical funding round.



Virtech’s breathtaking hydrogen hypercar, the Apricale, became the cornerstone of a visually-led media campaign to pitch hydrogen as a commercially-viable, short term and therefore and investable option amid the various zero-emissions technology routes. Hydrogen has now become part of the mixed-vector mainstream, enabling Viritech to raise money, attract tier 1 business partners and recruit staff passionate about their cleantech mission.



We provided
  • Media Relations
Our media campaign put hydrogen in front of an international audience 3.76 billion people - courtesy of 107 news articles and features in authoritative titles such as the Robb Report, New Atlas and the Sunday Times - to condition a mission-critical investment round