Changing consumer behaviour


The UK electric vehicle market is booming, and is just one of the companies poised to succeed. But charging an EV can still be challenging, particularly for those motorists that don’t have access to off-street parking.

However, EV charging provider,, has created a simple solution for people that live in apartments or in urban areas without setback driveways. The company has developed technology that converts street lampposts into on-street EV chargers.

As energy prices rose in December 2022, needed to change its charging tariffs from a flat rate, to peak- and off-peak rates. 

Whistle was asked to provide with effective comms support as it sought to educate its customers about the benefits of changing their charging habits, by switching from daytime to overnight charging at a reduced rate. 



Whistle’s role was to run a PR campaign that would communicate the benefits of charging overnight and secure positive media coverage for’s new ‘Night Saver’ tariff. 

Central to the campaign’s success was our recommendation to share some of’s proprietary data with journalists, showing in real terms how motorists can keep their charging costs below 10p per mile by using’s lamppost chargers. 

Securing coverage in prominent EV titles helped to drive its key messages home and the company has since seen a dramatic increase in the number of its customers charging overnight.

The team at Whistle Ignite are exceptionally skilled at building strategic relationships, creating compelling stories and devising successful PR strategies. We’re thrilled with the work they’ve done for us. Not only have they consistently secured valuable coverage in both trade and consumer media outlets, but they’ve also provided valuable intelligence that contextualises in the market. Their expertise, sound advice and dedication have been invaluable in helping us achieve our strategic goals and connect with our audience
Shayne Rees Head of Marketing