A Public Relations agency of change. For automotive technology companies and their investors
A Public Relations agency of change. For automotive technology companies and their investors.

We're a digitally-powered, creatively-inspired communications consultancy that assists automotive technology companies and their investors to grow and thrive. We work with founders and their start-ups through to international corporations.

All our clients’ businesses have one thing in common. Transformative technology the world needs to hear about. We turn complex technology breakthroughs into simple, resonant narratives to influence change and behaviour to benefit both your company purpose…and the world you are transforming.

Whistle Ignite. Proudly Oxford born & raised.

Find out how we help leading automotive technology companies to win in the marketplace.

Building relationships

Words are our currency. Amid change and noise, we help to build simple narratives from complex technologies and reach the audiences you seek to influence, from customers to staff and from investors to partners. Our media relationships and story-telling know-how build the bridges between your business and the people you serve.

Defining your differences

With the ever-increasing cadence of change, keeping your business aligned with the needs of your customers is a challenge. We help our clients to build customer centricity in all their communications and develop an authoritative thought-leadership voice in key areas of technological enquiry.

Finding customers and markets

Whistle’s marketing services are explicitly business-focused to help all stages of revenue development from go-to-market to launching new products and services. And for pre-profit companies, our investor relations services help to condition developing businesses for their next funding round.

Building identity

Visual identity is one of the most resonate and powerful expressions of your organisation. Our commended design studio delivers identity and branding solutions for organisations from start-ups to listed businesses who are addressing both highly competitive consumer markets as well as achieving cut through in enterprise and B2B sectors.

Commercially effective social media requires a multi-disciplinary approach
Social-first communications
Social media services to drive business goals
Influencing opinion with media relations.
Shifting the focus from battery electric technologies to new energy vectors.
Full lifecycle Analysis
Is Future Mobility Exclusively An Electric Proposition?
Whistle investigates whether EVs are indeed a better net zero bet. Or need we consider other options?
Warning: This story appears in two places at once...
Disentangling how quantum shifts from R&D to real world application

AutoTech Businesses

Whether your business is pre-profit, planning to go to market, looking to consolidate growth or working towards its next round, Whistle helps to create positive change with strategic communications. Find out more about how we help autotech businesses thrive.


We have a enviable track record in stewarding growth and disposal value through strategic communications for individual portfolio companies or profiling funds to aid capital raises. Find out more about how we help funds compete in a crowded market.

Incubators & Funding Bodies

Whistle both promotes and supports incubators and funding bodies to ensure public sector and and private incubator communications mandates are fulfilled and founders are provided with communications support. Find out more about we add capability to the development of funded enterprises.

Our Thinking.

Renewable intelligence from Oxford University

Until now, the jigsaw of technologies that make up renewable energy generation have been missing a critical piece, but a solution from Oxford University promises to complete the picture

Rehabilitating AI’s Reputation

The reputation of ‘brand AI’ has taken a battering in recent months as new and disruptive generative AI products make headlines. Should companies developing non-generative AI products and services be worried about a reputational impact on their businesses too?

The Overlooked Science of Subjective Engineering?

The traditional perception of engineering is that it deals only in absolutes but subjective engineering is often equally critical. Why is the discipline not more widely embraced by design engineers?

About us.

Whistle Ignite. A digitally-powered, creatively-inspired communications consultancy enabling technology companies to grow and thrive


At Whistle, we motivate our team to think freely, push ideas and imagine possibilities. From new starters to seasoned executives, we all contribute to the transformative thinking that our clients crave.


Our offices in central Oxford have re-opened but many of our team are working remotely, so do call ahead for meetings and appointments